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GCSE Maths Tuition with a free DVD - both cover the whole of the 2 year course

CurlygirlTuition is available for Foundation and Higher Tier level GCSE Maths.

The tutor has many years of experience teaching maths at GCSE level and has a proven track record of success.

If your child suffers from a poor understanding of maths concepts, often caused by poor maths teachers, then you've come to the right place.

The tutor will instil confidence in your child and make maths fun!


grppicWeekly tuition is supplemented by an exciting fully illustrated DVD where all maths topics are explained in an interesting and interactive way. The DVD covers Higher tier and Foundation tier.

No other maths tutor in Belfast offers this facility as part of their tuition service. Students are able to view and practice all the concepts they learn in the class at their own leisure.

Get your child to click here to view a clip from the DVD and judge the usefulness of it for themselves. This is a superb learning tool. Try it out!

As part of the tuition service, the tutor provides, free of charge, an award winning maths ebook covering all necessary mathematical concepts for the GCSE level. Click here to view a copy of one of the chapters.

To complete the set, the tutor also supplies many past papers from the CCEA and AQA examinations. Click here to view a sample.

Here's an example of a clip from the DVD that you will receive for free as part of the tuition service - amazing! There are over 200 clips on the full DVD.

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Tuition available for 11+ Transfer Test ( covers both GL and AQE formats)

girl in class

You are looking for an experienced tutor with a proven track record of success. You've found one.

Did you know that your child needs to learn over 100 topics for maths and over 50 for english to cover the full 11+ Transfer syllabus?

Not sure whether to get your child tutored? Why not take a free computer based Assessment Test and get the results sent to you automatically - click here

The tutor provides weekly tuition supplemented by dozens of on line computer based tests so you can see your child's progress.


No other tutor in Belfast offers this innovative computer based service, all included in the price of tuition.

littleboy Purchasing test questions is very expensive. Don't worry, the tutor provides over 5000 questions and answers for free for your child to work through. All AQE past papers are supplied free of charge.

Summer work is important for success. Your child's competition "sleeps" during the summer months. The tutor provides a detailed daily schedule of work during the summer so that your child can pull ahead of the pack. This takes the pressure off you. A structured approach to learning at all times.

You're buying into the professionalism of your tutor with over 25 years experience teaching 11+ Transfer Test. The provision of this website and the use of computer based on line testing are examples of what you will get.

AQE Schools

Antrim Grammar
Ballyclare High School
Banbridge Academy
Bangor Grammar School
Belfast High School
Belfast Royal Academy
Bloomfield Collegiate, Belfast
Cambridge House, Ballymena
Campbell College, Belfast
Carrickfergus Grammar
Coleraine Academical Institution
Coleraine High School
Collegiate Grammar, Enniskillen
Dalriada School, Ballymoney
Down High School, Downpatrick
Friends School, Lisburn
Foyle and Londonderry College
Glenlola Collegiate, Bangor
Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast
Hunterhouse College, Belfast
Larne Grammar School
Limavady Grammar School
Methodist College Belfast
Omagh Academy
Regent House School, Newtownards
Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Royal School Armagh
Royal School Dungannon
Strabane Grammar School
Strathearn School, Belfast
Sullivan Upper School, Holywood
Wallace High School, Lisburn
Wellington College, Belfast
Victoria College, Belfast


GL Schools

Abbey Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Newry)
Aquinas Grammar School (Belfast)
Assumption Grammar School (Ballynahinch)
Ballymena Academy (Ballymena)
Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Omagh)
Dominican College (Belfast)
Dominican College (Portstewart)
Lagan College (Belfast)
Loreto College (Coleraine)
Loreto Grammar School (Omagh)
Lumen Christi College, (Derry)
Mount Lourdes Grammar School (Enniskillen)
Our Lady and St Patrick’s College (Belfast)
Our Lady’s Grammar School (Newry)
Portora Royal School (Enniskillen)
Rainey Endowed (Magherafelt)
Rathmore Grammar (Belfast)
Sacred Heart Grammar School (Newry)
Slemish Integrated College (Ballymena)
St Colman’s College (Newry)
St Columb’s College (Derry)
St Dominic’s High School (Belfast)
St Joseph’s Grammar (Donaghmore)
St Louis’ Grammar School (Ballymena)
St Louis’ Grammar School (Kilkeel)
St Malachy’s College (Belfast)
St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Belfast)
St Mary’s Grammar School (Magherafelt)
St Michael’s Grammar School (Enniskillen)
St Patrick’s Grammar School (Armagh)
St Patrick’s Grammar School (Downpatrick)
St Patrick’s Academy (Dungannon)
Thornhill College (Derry)
Victoria College (Belfast) 


Q Does my child have to sit the Transfer Test?
A Your child does not have to sit the Transfer Test. If your child does not sit the test they will go to a secondary school of your choice.
Q What is the difference between the AQE test and the GL?
A The GL test is a mutiple choice examination. This test is taken by children wishing to gain entry to a Catholic grammar school. The AQE test is not multiple choice and is taken by children wishing to attend a non Catholic grammar school.
Q How many papers are taken by my child under each exam format?
A For AQE, your child will sit 3 papers on three different Saturday mornings. Only the best 2 tests will count towards your child's final mark. For GL your child will sit the examination on a single Saturday morning.
Q Will my child sit the examination in their own school?
A No, your child will sit the examination in one of the approved schools.
Q Can my child sit both examinations?
A Yes your child can sit both examinations giving more options for the grammar school that they can attend. This means they will sit 4 papers in total.
Q When do the results come out?
A Results for AQE and GL are sent to your home in the first week of February following the tests which are taken in November / December of the previous year.
Q My child is only 10 when they take the test. Are there any allowances made for this?
A Yes, approximately your child will be awarded 6 free marks per test due to their age.
Q When do I choose the school for my child?
A You will do this in conjunction with your child's teacher once you receive their result in February.
Q Are there any allowances made if my child is special needs?
A Yes there are. Contact your headmaster for details about this.



Here are a number of links to other websites that you may find useful in relation to GCSE Maths or 11+ Transfer Test.

11+ Transfer Test

http://www.aqe.org.uk/ - this is the home site of AQE. Here you will be able to access past paper questions. In addition, you can view the AQE specification, download registration forms and review various discussion papers.

http://www.learningtogether.co.uk/ - this site allows you to purchase material relevant to the 11+ Transfer Test. As you will see, the cost is considerable. If your child gets tutored by me, they get all this for free as well as approximately 5,000 other practice questions.

http://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/ - this site also allows you to purchase material relevant to the 11+ Transfer Test. It provides information on how to find a tutor in your area, various tests that you can buy and also allows you to buy apps for your iphone or ipad. If your child gets tutored by me, they get free weekly on line, computer based marking of homework. A truely innovative system that no other tutor in Belfast offers as part of their tuition service.

GCSE Mathematics (Foundation and Higher Tier)

http://www.ccea.org.uk/ - this is the main site for the Northern Ireland GCSE examinations. Here you will be able to view and download past papers for all GCSE subjects for free. Not to be missed. Purchasing past papers is expensive!!!!

http://www.aqa.org.uk/ - this is the main site for the English equivalent of the Northern Ireland board. Most schools enter students for CCEA or AQA. Again you will find past papers for all GCSE subjects.

http://www.gcsemathspastpapers.com/ - This site displays past papers and detailed, simple-to-understand model answers. It also allows you to download many papers and answers.

If your child gets tutored by me, they receive all past papers for the most recent exams from CCEA and AQA for free.

Each student also receives a free GCSE Maths DVD which covers the whole of the 2 year exam. This has over 200 clips of all the various topics that your child needs to learn. This is a fantastic supplement to tuition and is used in many grammer schools here and on the GB mainland.

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